Adventure awaits you: discover activities near The Hague

Living in The Roofs is wonderful, but sometimes you are looking for an adrenaline rush and new experiences. Did you know, for example, that you have an interactive museum where you physically tour the human body? That is simply possible at Corpus! Or would you rather look for a place where you can practice different sports such as snowboarding, climbing or sumo wrestling? De Uithof is your match! You can also opt for a day full of fun and water fun. Where? Duinrell! Read on and discover where you should go first.

The Uithof
For daredevils and adventurers! Do you feel the urge to push your boundaries? At De Uithof you will find the perfect mix of adrenaline and adventure. Here you can challenge yourself with various sports, such as skating, skiing, karting, laser tag and climbing. Push your limits on the ice rink, race down the ski slope, compete against your friends in a thrilling game of laser tag or conquer the climbing wall like a true adventurer. At De Uithof there is no room for boredom, only excitement and unforgettable memories!

Duinrell/Tiki Pool
A watery paradise of fun! Imagine: a day full of fun, excitement and refreshing adventures. Where? Duinrell! This amusement park offers a plethora of rides for all ages, with more than 40 rides to blow your mind. After an afternoon full of roller coasters and attractions, it’s time to go to the famous Tiki Pool. Prepare for a splashing adventure in this water paradise, where you can experience the most sensational slides. Let go of your fears as you hurtle downhill and enjoy the thrill that makes your soul sing. Duinrell and Tiki Pool: a combination that guarantees you a day full of fun!

Step into the mystery of the human body! Are you eager to discover the secrets of the human body? At Corpus you experience an interactive journey through the wonderful world of anatomy. Enter the gigantic ‘body tower’ and let yourself be carried away on an educational adventure full of surprises. Learn about the complexity of the brain, experience the functioning of your heart and discover the wonders of your intestines. Corpus is not only educational, but also entertaining, introducing you to the magic of our own body in a unique way.

Gather your family and friends and set out together to create memories that will last a lifetime. Your ultimate thrill is waiting to be discovered!

Oh, and a final tip: don’t forget to bring your smile and sense of adventure, because that’s what makes these great activities even more fun.

I spy with my little eye…

The Roofs towers above the center of The Hague. The higher you live, the more expansive the view. A view that extends further than you might think. This way you can gaze endlessly over the sea, or even Rotterdam can be admired inland.

But you don’t have to look to the horizon for a breathtaking view, because there is plenty to see even from a short distance. Below, life in The Hague takes place in the streets around The Roofs and thanks to the location in the center, your view is never boring.

Almost all apartments in The Roofs have a balcony. On the lower floors in the middle of the city dynamics or higher in the building with your head in the clouds. With 655 apartments, The Roofs offers unprecedented diversity for everyone.

Curious about the available offer? Take a quick look at the website and who knows, you might see what we don’t see.

Summer Hotspots in The Hague: Enjoy terraces, BBQs and secret courtyards

When the sun shines, we all have the urge to go outside and enjoy a cold drink, good food and a wonderful atmosphere. We want to stimulate our senses in a great hotspot. Fortunately, you live in The Hague and there are endless summer hotspots that you can try.

This restaurant is beautiful on the inside, but they also have a great outdoor garden! And let’s face it, no one wants to sit inside when the sun’s rays are warming you. In this beautiful, relatively undiscovered city garden you can enjoy a glass of wine with the splashing of water in the background. It is a blossoming place with a water fountain. All dishes you can order here are strictly selected and farm-fresh.

The Madestein terrace is a pearl of The Hague. Enjoy a green terrace on the water with great snacks and refreshing drinks. It is a beautiful place for the family, wonderfully located in a park and with a huge range of different dishes and drinks. The children can play in the playground at the restaurant, while the parents enjoy a drink by the water. Madestein is also a recreational area where you can have a BBQ! What could be better than having a BBQ on a sunny day, while the children are happily running around in the park?

Jamie Bennett
Do you already know Jamey Bennett? This beautiful hotspot in The Hague is named after a spy who worked for the British secret service. He used to like to visit this bar, then called Kabouterbar. Jamey Bennett’s terrace turns out to be lovely, but you can also sit down on the many Chesterfields in the living room vibe of this bar. Discover the history of this bar yourself and enjoy a delicious cocktail.

Ready to immerse yourself completely in a green oasis in the middle of the city? This place is perfect for a romantic date, a fun friends outing or a singles night out! In Bleyenberg you will find five floors full of fun, inspiration, karaoke and good food. Why is it in this terrace list? On the top floor there is a lovely rooftop bar, decorated with lots of greenery and equipped with a beautiful view of the city. Ideal for romantic summer days or sultry summer evenings.

Shall I tell you a secret? Homes are available again in The Roofs! And summer is the perfect time to move. Quickly find your ideal home via the home finder.

Festivals and events in and around The Hague

In The Roofs you really live in a prime location in The Hague. This way you can easily go to various festivals and other fun events by bike or public transport. Soon you will taste the freshest herring on Flag Day, dance your legs off at the Zeeheldenfestival and be entertained by theater at De Parade. Boredom is a word you don’t know in the coming month, because your agenda is already completely full with these festivals.

Flag Day
Have you already met Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) on June 17, 2023 in charming Scheveningen? This traditional festival announces the arrival of the delicious Dutch Nieuwe herring. In addition to herring, you can also enjoy other fish dishes. There are plenty of stalls where you can sample local delicacies such as freshly fried fish, mussels and other seafood. It is a beautiful day for real fishing enthusiasts.

There are also many cultural activities and performances during Flag Day. You can enjoy live music, performances by local artists and traditional dances. There are often also demonstrations of craft skills, such as net-finishing and sail-making. It is an opportunity to experience the maritime traditions and crafts of Scheveningen.

The Parade
Want to clear your head with the help of live entertainment? Put on comfortable shoes and walk to De Parade. This is a well-known cultural festival that takes place annually in various cities in the Netherlands, including The Hague. The festival is a traveling theater characterized by colorful theater tents, various performances and a lively atmosphere. In The Hague, the Parade takes place in the Westbroekpark, where the park is transformed into a cultural street for a certain period. Enjoy theater, dance, music, cabaret, literature and visual arts. The Parade is a feast for the senses that you don’t want to miss! Put July 7 to 23 in your calendar.

Sea Heroes Festival
You can also go to the Zeeheldenfestival, from June 28 to July 2. The festival has a lively and hospitable atmosphere, where both local residents and visitors from outside come together to enjoy the music, art and conviviality. There are several food stalls and terraces where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, and where you can relax and experience the lively atmosphere. The Zeeheldenfestival is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the creative and cultural scene of The Hague. It provides a platform for local artists and contributes to the vibrancy and diversity of the city. Prepare for an unforgettable experience full of music, art and a warm community atmosphere.

Where are you going? Put these dates in your calendar and get ready for a fun adventure in The Hague. There are currently homes available again in The Roofs! View the current offer or create a search profile and indicate your housing needs.

What are you going to do on Pentecost weekend?

Pinksterweekend is around the corner! That means you have an extra day off and, of course, you want to make the most of it. For that, you need some inspiration. The Hague offers not only a rich history and beautiful sights but also a range of unique activities to add extra color to your weekend. From Hague world bites to a water adventure at Storm Aquapark Leiden and a creative vlogging workshop at Beeld en Geluid! Where will you be heading soon?

Hague World Bites
From May 26-29, 2023, it’s time again for Hague World Bites in The Hague! This festive event guarantees a few delightful and enjoyable days filled with gastronomy, music, and entertainment. During the Pinksterweekend, you can not only indulge in an abundance of delicious food and drinks from various world cuisines but also enjoy live music and entertainment. Several bands and artists will perform to make the atmosphere even more festive. Additionally, you can gracefully move your hips during the salsa workshops. Children are also taken care of, with special kids’ entertainment to ensure the whole family has a good time. The event takes place at the beautiful Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

Storm Aquapark Leiden
For a splashing and adventurous visit, you should consider going to the well-known city next to The Hague. Grab your swimwear and hop in the car on your way to Storm Aquapark in Leiden! This inflatable water park offers endless fun for young and old. Climb, jump, and slide on the various inflatable structures in the refreshing water. The park features trampolines, slides, obstacles, and even a climbing wall. It’s the perfect activity to enjoy with friends or family during the Pinksterweekend.

Vlogging Workshop at Beeld en Geluid
Are you fascinated by the world of vlogging and eager to create your own creative videos? Or do you have a daughter/son who aspires to a career as a popular vlogger? Then attend the vlogging workshop at Beeld en Geluid in The Hague. Learn the ins and outs of vlogging from professional vloggers and discover how to tell interesting stories through visuals and sound. Learn about different vlogging styles, camerawork, editing techniques, and much more. After the workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create your own vlogs and share your story with the world. Could you be the next Monica Geuze or Enzo Knol?

If you’re eager to live in The Hague, keep an eye on our website for the current listings./a>

The Hague is of all trades!

When you walk out of The Hague Central Station, you immediately see the beautiful building of The Roofs. What a picture! And not only that, it is also in a prime location in the bustling center of The Hague, known for its energy and cultural diversity. The city really is at home in all markets! Discover the best places near The Roofs.

De Grote Markt
Did you know that the Grote Markt is one of the oldest and most historic squares in the city? This wonderful place is surrounded by cozy restaurants, cafes and shops. You will soon be sitting here with the tastiest beer or the most special wine in your hand, enjoying the cosiness of The Hague. In the summer months you will also find a lively market here where local sellers offer their products, such as fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers.

De Haagse Market
Europe’s largest market is a colorful and vibrant place where you can find just about anything. Score a fresh fish or exotic herbs here to feast your taste buds. Perhaps you are looking for different fabrics to complement your interior or would like to buy a beautiful bunch of flowers. In addition, it is also a great place to get acquainted with the various cultures that The Hague is rich in. At the stalls you can enjoy, for example, Surinamese roti, Moroccan couscous and Turkish baklava.

The Antique and Book Market
Are you a lover of antiques, second-hand books and other curiosities? Then every Thursday is an absolute party for you. On this day, the famous Book Market is held on the Lange Voorhout. The market takes place in the shade of the famous lime trees and is a great place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the historic center. Here you go home with the most special books, perhaps copies that you cannot find anywhere else.

Would you like to live in The Roofs and always enjoy all the beauty that The Hague has to offer? Then keep an eye on the website for the current offer.

The Roofs – More than just living

The Roofs not only offers beautiful apartments but also a sense of community that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Combined with amazing views of The Hague, The Roofs is a unique place to live. Additionally, you can enjoy extra amenities in the building that make your living experience even more pleasant.

The living room – a cozy meeting place
Looking for a perfect cappuccino with all your neighbors? That may be a lot of people for a home, but not for The Roofs’ living room. In this cozy living room, you can meet all your neighbors and enjoy a drink with your friends. You can also indulge in the best coffee and homemade specials, snacks, and bites. It’s a place where stories, meetings, special moments, and funny events accumulate.

Service manager – from caretaker to house friend
The caretaker of The Roofs has a versatile package of tasks, such as organizing cleaning and small repairs. But the caretaker is also the house friend who initiates fun things and brings people together. The goal is to make residents feel comfortable and at home. Have you already met the caretaker?

Shared cars & E-bikes – practical and environmentally friendly
The Roofs is located in an ideal location, close to The Hague Central Station and public transportation. This offers you the opportunity to make more sustainable choices. For travel within the city, The Roofs offers E-bikes in its luxurious XXL bike parking. For those who occasionally need a car, it’s possible to use a shared (electric) car.

The Roofs has everything you need to make your life easy and comfortable. Whether you are looking for a cozy meeting place, practical solutions for mobility or just a comfortable place to live, The Roofs has the answer for everything.

Spring activities in The Hague

Spring is a good time to get outside and enjoy the awakening city. While we understand that the breathtaking view from The Roofs can be addictive, it’s still a wonderful time to get out and about. Step out of your home and see the blooming crocuses, trees that regain color and the sun that smiles kindly at you. What activities will you do this month?

Visit Keukenhof
Do you want to surprise your partner with a colorful adventure? Then Keukenhof is an absolute must-see. With more than 7 million flower bulbs, this is the largest flower garden in the world. Immerse yourself in a paradise of scents and colors. The park is open from late March to mid-May and a perfect day out for young and old.

One Planet
Sometimes the rain can put a damper on your day. And since it can still be cold, you prefer to stay indoors at those times. Visit One Planet instead. Here you will find both temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection. Everything is aimed at inspiring people to discover the world and develop themselves. One Planet is the former Omniversum and was created after the merger with the Museon. Be surprised by various themed halls, such as the Romans, volcanoes and earthquakes, child in war to law & peace.

Bike through the city
The Hague is a beautiful city that you can explore on your bike. Plan a fun route along cozy shopping streets, politics, beautiful parks and end up at the beach. There are plenty of sights that you must see. Tip: also take a tour along the Royal palaces and estates.

Do you want to live in The Roofs? Keep an eye on the website for current availability.

Pure enjoyment!

How wonderful to have total control over your life once more. The kids have flown the nest and there’s no need to take account of anyone else’s plans. Choose to rent at The Roofs for pure comfort and convenience. It’s in the centre of The Hague, right on top of the public transport system. There’s always something new to see or discover. You can go wherever you like: into the city, a day out on the train, or a weekend away. Here, there and everywhere, to all your favourite places. You just want to enjoy life to the full. Not soon, but NOW!