Adventure awaits you: discover activities near The Hague

Living in The Roofs is wonderful, but sometimes you are looking for an adrenaline rush and new experiences. Did you know, for example, that you have an interactive museum where you physically tour the human body? That is simply possible at Corpus! Or would you rather look for a place where you can practice different sports such as snowboarding, climbing or sumo wrestling? De Uithof is your match! You can also opt for a day full of fun and water fun. Where? Duinrell! Read on and discover where you should go first.

The Uithof
For daredevils and adventurers! Do you feel the urge to push your boundaries? At De Uithof you will find the perfect mix of adrenaline and adventure. Here you can challenge yourself with various sports, such as skating, skiing, karting, laser tag and climbing. Push your limits on the ice rink, race down the ski slope, compete against your friends in a thrilling game of laser tag or conquer the climbing wall like a true adventurer. At De Uithof there is no room for boredom, only excitement and unforgettable memories!

Duinrell/Tiki Pool
A watery paradise of fun! Imagine: a day full of fun, excitement and refreshing adventures. Where? Duinrell! This amusement park offers a plethora of rides for all ages, with more than 40 rides to blow your mind. After an afternoon full of roller coasters and attractions, it’s time to go to the famous Tiki Pool. Prepare for a splashing adventure in this water paradise, where you can experience the most sensational slides. Let go of your fears as you hurtle downhill and enjoy the thrill that makes your soul sing. Duinrell and Tiki Pool: a combination that guarantees you a day full of fun!

Step into the mystery of the human body! Are you eager to discover the secrets of the human body? At Corpus you experience an interactive journey through the wonderful world of anatomy. Enter the gigantic ‘body tower’ and let yourself be carried away on an educational adventure full of surprises. Learn about the complexity of the brain, experience the functioning of your heart and discover the wonders of your intestines. Corpus is not only educational, but also entertaining, introducing you to the magic of our own body in a unique way.

Gather your family and friends and set out together to create memories that will last a lifetime. Your ultimate thrill is waiting to be discovered!

Oh, and a final tip: don’t forget to bring your smile and sense of adventure, because that’s what makes these great activities even more fun.