I spy with my little eye…

The Roofs towers above the center of The Hague. The higher you live, the more expansive the view. A view that extends further than you might think. This way you can gaze endlessly over the sea, or even Rotterdam can be admired inland.

But you don’t have to look to the horizon for a breathtaking view, because there is plenty to see even from a short distance. Below, life in The Hague takes place in the streets around The Roofs and thanks to the location in the center, your view is never boring.

Almost all apartments in The Roofs have a balcony. On the lower floors in the middle of the city dynamics or higher in the building with your head in the clouds. With 655 apartments, The Roofs offers unprecedented diversity for everyone.

Curious about the available offer? Take a quick look at the website and who knows, you might see what we don’t see.