Summer Hotspots in The Hague: Enjoy terraces, BBQs and secret courtyards

When the sun shines, we all have the urge to go outside and enjoy a cold drink, good food and a wonderful atmosphere. We want to stimulate our senses in a great hotspot. Fortunately, you live in The Hague and there are endless summer hotspots that you can try.

This restaurant is beautiful on the inside, but they also have a great outdoor garden! And let’s face it, no one wants to sit inside when the sun’s rays are warming you. In this beautiful, relatively undiscovered city garden you can enjoy a glass of wine with the splashing of water in the background. It is a blossoming place with a water fountain. All dishes you can order here are strictly selected and farm-fresh.

The Madestein terrace is a pearl of The Hague. Enjoy a green terrace on the water with great snacks and refreshing drinks. It is a beautiful place for the family, wonderfully located in a park and with a huge range of different dishes and drinks. The children can play in the playground at the restaurant, while the parents enjoy a drink by the water. Madestein is also a recreational area where you can have a BBQ! What could be better than having a BBQ on a sunny day, while the children are happily running around in the park?

Jamie Bennett
Do you already know Jamey Bennett? This beautiful hotspot in The Hague is named after a spy who worked for the British secret service. He used to like to visit this bar, then called Kabouterbar. Jamey Bennett’s terrace turns out to be lovely, but you can also sit down on the many Chesterfields in the living room vibe of this bar. Discover the history of this bar yourself and enjoy a delicious cocktail.

Ready to immerse yourself completely in a green oasis in the middle of the city? This place is perfect for a romantic date, a fun friends outing or a singles night out! In Bleyenberg you will find five floors full of fun, inspiration, karaoke and good food. Why is it in this terrace list? On the top floor there is a lovely rooftop bar, decorated with lots of greenery and equipped with a beautiful view of the city. Ideal for romantic summer days or sultry summer evenings.

Shall I tell you a secret? Homes are available again in The Roofs! And summer is the perfect time to move. Quickly find your ideal home via the home finder.