The Hague is of all trades!

When you walk out of The Hague Central Station, you immediately see the beautiful building of The Roofs. What a picture! And not only that, it is also in a prime location in the bustling center of The Hague, known for its energy and cultural diversity. The city really is at home in all markets! Discover the best places near The Roofs.

De Grote Markt
Did you know that the Grote Markt is one of the oldest and most historic squares in the city? This wonderful place is surrounded by cozy restaurants, cafes and shops. You will soon be sitting here with the tastiest beer or the most special wine in your hand, enjoying the cosiness of The Hague. In the summer months you will also find a lively market here where local sellers offer their products, such as fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers.

De Haagse Market
Europe’s largest market is a colorful and vibrant place where you can find just about anything. Score a fresh fish or exotic herbs here to feast your taste buds. Perhaps you are looking for different fabrics to complement your interior or would like to buy a beautiful bunch of flowers. In addition, it is also a great place to get acquainted with the various cultures that The Hague is rich in. At the stalls you can enjoy, for example, Surinamese roti, Moroccan couscous and Turkish baklava.

The Antique and Book Market
Are you a lover of antiques, second-hand books and other curiosities? Then every Thursday is an absolute party for you. On this day, the famous Book Market is held on the Lange Voorhout. The market takes place in the shade of the famous lime trees and is a great place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the historic center. Here you go home with the most special books, perhaps copies that you cannot find anywhere else.

Would you like to live in The Roofs and always enjoy all the beauty that The Hague has to offer? Then keep an eye on the website for the current offer.