The Roofs – More than just living

The Roofs not only offers beautiful apartments but also a sense of community that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Combined with amazing views of The Hague, The Roofs is a unique place to live. Additionally, you can enjoy extra amenities in the building that make your living experience even more pleasant.

The living room – a cozy meeting place
Looking for a perfect cappuccino with all your neighbors? That may be a lot of people for a home, but not for The Roofs’ living room. In this cozy living room, you can meet all your neighbors and enjoy a drink with your friends. You can also indulge in the best coffee and homemade specials, snacks, and bites. It’s a place where stories, meetings, special moments, and funny events accumulate.

Service manager – from caretaker to house friend
The caretaker of The Roofs has a versatile package of tasks, such as organizing cleaning and small repairs. But the caretaker is also the house friend who initiates fun things and brings people together. The goal is to make residents feel comfortable and at home. Have you already met the caretaker?

Shared cars & E-bikes – practical and environmentally friendly
The Roofs is located in an ideal location, close to The Hague Central Station and public transportation. This offers you the opportunity to make more sustainable choices. For travel within the city, The Roofs offers E-bikes in its luxurious XXL bike parking. For those who occasionally need a car, it’s possible to use a shared (electric) car.

The Roofs has everything you need to make your life easy and comfortable. Whether you are looking for a cozy meeting place, practical solutions for mobility or just a comfortable place to live, The Roofs has the answer for everything.