Festivals and events in and around The Hague

In The Roofs you really live in a prime location in The Hague. This way you can easily go to various festivals and other fun events by bike or public transport. Soon you will taste the freshest herring on Flag Day, dance your legs off at the Zeeheldenfestival and be entertained by theater at De Parade. Boredom is a word you don’t know in the coming month, because your agenda is already completely full with these festivals.

Flag Day
Have you already met Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) on June 17, 2023 in charming Scheveningen? This traditional festival announces the arrival of the delicious Dutch Nieuwe herring. In addition to herring, you can also enjoy other fish dishes. There are plenty of stalls where you can sample local delicacies such as freshly fried fish, mussels and other seafood. It is a beautiful day for real fishing enthusiasts.

There are also many cultural activities and performances during Flag Day. You can enjoy live music, performances by local artists and traditional dances. There are often also demonstrations of craft skills, such as net-finishing and sail-making. It is an opportunity to experience the maritime traditions and crafts of Scheveningen.

The Parade
Want to clear your head with the help of live entertainment? Put on comfortable shoes and walk to De Parade. This is a well-known cultural festival that takes place annually in various cities in the Netherlands, including The Hague. The festival is a traveling theater characterized by colorful theater tents, various performances and a lively atmosphere. In The Hague, the Parade takes place in the Westbroekpark, where the park is transformed into a cultural street for a certain period. Enjoy theater, dance, music, cabaret, literature and visual arts. The Parade is a feast for the senses that you don’t want to miss! Put July 7 to 23 in your calendar.

Sea Heroes Festival
You can also go to the Zeeheldenfestival, from June 28 to July 2. The festival has a lively and hospitable atmosphere, where both local residents and visitors from outside come together to enjoy the music, art and conviviality. There are several food stalls and terraces where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, and where you can relax and experience the lively atmosphere. The Zeeheldenfestival is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the creative and cultural scene of The Hague. It provides a platform for local artists and contributes to the vibrancy and diversity of the city. Prepare for an unforgettable experience full of music, art and a warm community atmosphere.

Where are you going? Put these dates in your calendar and get ready for a fun adventure in The Hague. There are currently homes available again in The Roofs! View the current offer or create a search profile and indicate your housing needs.